Jesus followers are people who have experienced a new beginning, a new birth, and a new breath. This awakens them and brings them into new living; a spiritual and vibrant reality of new life in Jesus.  For our walk with the Lord, Jesus has sent us the gift of the Holy Spirit, His very presence, to lead us into truth, confession and empower us for the day ahead. 


Offer up and review your day with the Spirit
Pray each morning for the Holy Spirit to use you as a light to the world in ordinary, practical ways. At the end of the day, pray for God to show you how the Holy Spirit used you as a light. Write down what the Holy Spirit reveals to you in your personal journal.  

Yield to the Work of the Holy Spirit
Spend one hour in prayer this week specifically asking for the Holy Spirit to begin working in your life in a new and powerful way. Remember, you are seeking God so do not make demands and do not have expectations. Your only task is to surrender yourself to God, by opening the door so that the Holy Spirit can come in and begin changing the way you think and live. This may lead to a time of confession. 

Nurture the fruit of the Spirit
Galatians 5:22 lists nine virtues called the fruit of the Spirit. Set aside 10/15 minutes a day to meditate on the fruit of the Spirit. Ask God to show you which virtue needs to be more evident in your life. Next, ask the Holy Spirit to begin working in your mind and heart, knowing that change will come through sustained communion with God

Read the Scriptures with the Spirit
Pick a Psalm, a Gospel Passage or an Old Testament Story. Examples are: Psalm 1 or 121, Mark 4:35-41 or Mark 6:45-56, 2 Kings 8-17, Ephesians 3:14-21. 
Read the passage. Ask the Holy Spirit for a word or phrase from the passage or imagine you are one of the people in the story. Read the passage again. Feel free to tell God about all your thoughts and feelings that have come from this passage. 
Read it yet again. Finally, ask God: How does this connect with my life today?  How is God asking me to respond to this passage? 

Discover your spiritual gifts
Search the Scriptures to discover your spiritual gifts. Romans 12:6-8 and 1 Corinthians 12:8-11 list gifts that we are to strive for and exercise as members of the body of Christ. Exercise these gifts through prayer, asking God to guide you to a gift that may be neglected and needs to be stirred up in your life or at church. Try exercising the gift God leads you to!