Week 1 | Called by God
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Reading plan: Exodus 1-4

Exodus is the grand story of how God saved His people. The book chronicles Israel’s amazing journey to their new Promised Land. The story is an invitation to explore God’s character. Although Exodus on the surface may seem like an odd choice for Christmas, many of the theme’s in Exodus are echo’s of what is to come in the birth and life of Jesus. As we celebrate Christmas and walk into a New Year Exodus allows us to see God plans for our lives as well.

Small Group Questions

  • Have you ever struggled with knowing who you were? When?

  • What kind of situation led to Moses’ becoming an ‘angry young man’ who wasn’t sure of who he was and where he fit?   Ex.2

  • How does God explain ‘who He is’, and how would this have an impact on how Moses viewed himself? How should it impact how we see ourselves?  Ex. 3:1-12

  • What do you think the term ‘I am’ meant to Moses, and what should it mean to us?  Ex. 3:12-15

  • What kind of excuses did Moses use to keep from stepping into what God asked him to do? Do you recognize any of them as excuses you have used? Ex. 3:-4:17

  • How does God encourage Moses (us) to step into what He is ‘calling’ him/us to Do and Be?

Week 2 | Let them Go
Reading Plan: Exodus 5-10

Small Group Questions:

  • Talk about a time when you had to step into a situation or a job which seemed way beyond your abilities and personal strength. How did you feel and what did you do? Ex. 5

  • There were 10 plagues God used to free Israel from Egypt. Which plague catches your attention the most? why?

  • How has God undermined false gods in your life?

  • How did God care for His people during this rough time? Ex. 9:14-11

  • Read the following verses and share what is the ‘big theme’ behind the freeing of Israel from Egypt?   Ex. 7:5; 9:13-16; 10:1-2

Week 3 |Passover
Reading Plan: Exodus 11-13:17

Small Group Questions:

  • Christmas is coming, what makes Christmas hard for you? What do you enjoy about Christmas?

  • What similarities does the Passover story in Exodus and the Bethlehem story share?

  • What strikes you the most about the Passover Story?

  • Where do you see echos of Jesus in the Passover story?

  • What could you do this Christmas to create deeper meaning for you and your family?

Week 4 | No Way Out
Reading plan: Exodus 13:17-15

Small Group Questions:

  • What are your dreams for this Christmas? What are you hoping you or someone you love will experience this Christmas?

  • What was at stake if God didn’t show up at the Red Sea for the Israeli’s or in Bethlehem for Mary and Joseph? What dreams were at risk?

  • With their backs to the Red Sea .. and Pharaoh’s army closing in, Moses said ‘stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today’ (14:13). Where do you see God at work in this Red Sea escape …and where have you seen God at work in your life or the life of someone else?

  • This section of the story ends with a simple verse Gen.14:31, and then Miriam sings a song that ends with a simple statement “The Lord reigns for ever and ever” (15:18). How does these concluding remarks speak to you?

  • Now that you have a larger and grander view of all that God did through history to prepare for the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, how do you look at this story differently? How can this affect how you walk into your Christmas this year?                  Matt. 1:22