Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Hello again family and friends, 

Well, here we are! As we start to write this, the team is sitting down for supper at our hotel in Budapest. It's finally starting to sink in that our time in Szentkiraly is over, so in order to postpone that feeling, we'll reflect on our last three days...

Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Hello family and friends, 

We concluded our VBS week in Nadasd on Thursday and Friday, a village whose population has a high percentage of gypsies. We were blessed to have over 90 children attend VBS and learn about the Love of God. It was fun and chaotic at the same time! As this was our second village for VBS, we had developed a bit of a routine and were a little more confident in our roles. As the children were dismissed on Friday, our team was excited to hand out the teddy bears lovingly made by the church in Olds...

Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Hello friends and family, 

In the past few days we have had a real sense of what our time here in Romania will look like. As of today the weather has cooled down significantly, which has been much appreciated. However, it is supposed to warm up come next week. 

On Monday we got to be guinea pigs for a brand new team-building activity. Paul and Tanya informed us of our goal: to traverse the village, interpret clues, complete challenges, and eventually make our way back to the church...

Greece Team Update

Greece Team Update

Greetings (salām) from Greece!

Our team of 11 from Calgary, Toronto, Florida and South Carolina arrived safely on Saturday and Sunday, and quickly settled into our apartments in the hub of Athens. We're across from the metro and a hop from the local partnering office, and making sure we're getting lots of sunscreen with temperatures between 30-40°C.

Each day it's been heart-breaking stepping into the stories of refugee families—families who have been persecuted, arriving on Greek shores with nothing, and live in constant fear about their future, and where they'll receive their next meal.

Thank you for your prayers, and here is a brief recap of our last few days...

Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Everlasting Love Romania Team Update

Hello friends and family, 

We have officially arrived to Szentkiraly, our home for the next ten days. We spent nearly 20 hours in airports and on planes until we arrived in Budapest where Paul and Tanya were standing outside of arrivals waiting to greet us. It was great to see their friendly faces and know that we had almost made it to our final destination. 

After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we went for dinner along the river and then took a bit of a walk to tour around the parliament and St. Stephen’s cathedral. The team did their best to stay awake until a decent hour in efforts to win the fight against jet leg...

Courageous Grandparenting

Courageous Grandparenting


Register now by clicking the button below and following the instructions. If you have any questions contact grandparents@brentviewbaptist.com


Who should register?

Any of the following who are committed to being intentional about leaving a faith legacy for the next generations:

·       Grandparents

·       Upcoming-grandparents

·       Surrogate grandparents

·       Parents who desire to involve their own parents in their children’s lives


What’s included in the registration fee:

·       Interactive teaching session providing tools to impact our children and grandchildren (see seminar outline below)

·       Session materials

·       Cavin Harper’s book, Courageous Grandparenting – Unshakeable Faith in a Broken World (one book per single registrant; one book per couple)

·        Grands Matter - Connecting Hearts, Uniting Generations:  a quarterly magazine containing  invaluable resources and encouragement to help grandparents connect with their grandchildren.

·       Lunch and snacks


Seminar Outline

SESSION ONE: OWN UP! Does Your Legacy Matter?

This session explores what God says about grandparents’ legacy, and three critical roles God has given us.

SESSON TWO: WISE UP! Unpacking the Issachar Factor

Understanding the times and knowing what impacts how we fulfill the three Critical Roles of biblical grandparenting discussed in Session One.

SESSION THREE: SPEAK UP! Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing

This session explores what the Bible says about the spoken blessing as a powerful tool in a grandparent’s toolbox. Learn how to unleash that power in your own family, even if they aren’t believers. 

SESSION FOUR: GEAR UP! Allies or Adversaries: What About Parent and Grandparent Relationships?

Our relationships with our adult children and spouses is a critical piece of successful grandparenting. We’ll explore how to build and maintain strong relationships for the sake of all involved, especially the grandchildren.

SESSION FIVE: STEP UP! Let’s Take the Hill Country!

2016 Missions Project Fund

2016 Missions Project Fund

As most of you who have spent time around Brentview are aware, our vision is Every Person Making Disciples. This is a big, life-long vision for our Church, and so in order to help us focus our attention in the shorter term, the leadership team has been working to define the specific mission and focus areas for the next few years that will move us closer to the ultimate goal. We believe that over the next little while,

Our Holy Spirit-led mission is to transform and present Brentview as an essential part of the community of Calgary. We accomplish this by living out discipleship practices, developing a Christ-like welcoming spirit, and calling people to take the next steps in their faith journey.

We’ve identified two areas in which to focus our strategic planning. The first, Equipping Disciples, is at the heart of many of the changes we have seen over the past year in small groups and the next steps processes that have been rolling out this fall. The second focus area, Transforming our Community, is about equipped disciples engaging in God’s mission in the world. As this is a newer focus area for us, the specific strategies are still in development, and will likely evolve over the coming months, but I’m here today to tell you about one opportunity you have to be a part of Transforming our Community right now.

The 2016 Mission Project Fund is a one-month capital campaign that is intended to finance five projects that will share the transformative love of Christ in Our World, Our City, and on the doorsteps of Our Church. Starting today, we are inviting you to give to this fund, which will support three specific projects at C-Quest in Mexico, HATS in Haiti, and New Beginnings in Mexico, provide for the ongoing support of the Syrian refugee family sponsored by a number of families in our Church, and raise seed capital for future ministries of Brentview to the community just outside our doors. Complete details on all of these initiatives are available in a handout that Marc Sardachuk will be distributing at the missions fair following the service. This information will also be shared on The City, and will be available from the Church office starting tomorrow.

We believe that there is a role for everyone in the transformation of Our World, Our City, and Our Church, so we are asking you to prayerfully consider your involvement. If you are able to make space in your finances to give, over and above your usual generosity, to the Mission Project Fund, this campaign will be running from today until Sunday, November 20th. You can designate your donation by writing Mission Project Fund on one of the envelopes in the pews, or by selecting the Mission option online or in the Pushpay app. In addition to the financial piece, prayerfully consider what part God may be calling you to play in the transformation of our community. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please speak to someone on the elders’ board, the pastoral staff, or the missions lead team. Thank you.

Children's Ministry Opportunities

Children's Ministry Opportunities

Still looking for a way to volunteer at Brentview? We have lots of spaces in our Children's Ministry available. If you're interested or would like more information, please email Carleen at carleen.koop@brentviewbaptist.com.

Engage Missions Conference

Engage Missions Conference

Our 5th annual Engage Missions Conference will be taking place on October 17-23.

We are really looking forward to another great week! We will have 12 or our strategic partners joining us this year and some will be with us for the first time.

Our strategic partners will be a part of many of our regular events throughout the week and as a new item this year, we will be hosting a mini conference from October 21-22. We will be looking at how we can do international missions, right here in Calgary as well as how we do international missions well around the world. The mini conference is open to all ABA churches and we are excited to celebrate together what God is doing around the world.

For more details on the various events happening throughout the week, please see the schedule below. Please register for the seminar sessions and the banquet, no later than Oct. 17. Please contact Sara-May if you have any questions: sara-may.cardy@brentviewbaptist.com."

Monday, Oct. 17
White Cross Work Day from 10am-2pm. Ladies, come out and help us make bandages that will be sent to our NAB hospitals in Cameroon! If you’ve been interested in coming the past but haven’t been able to, this is the perfect opportunity.

Tuesday, Oct. 18
Women Together (9-11am) with Karen Huxter with HATS Haiti as our guest speaker. Karen will be sharing some of her journey into missions and giving us an update on how her ministry is doing.

Host a Mission Partner for Dinner! We are looking for small groups or groups of friends that would be interested in hosting one of our strategic partners for dinner. For many of our partners this has been one of the highlights of their week! If you would be interested in hosting, please contact Sara- May at the church office.

Wednesday, Oct. 19
Encore Luncheon with guest speaker Monique Smith (Athletes in Action). Tickets for the luncheon will be on sale in the foyer.

Friday, Oct. 21
Volunteer Opportunity! Help us to provide a meal for FOCUS. We will need help preparing, cooking and serving a meal to the FOCUS students. Volunteer sign-up is available in the foyer or on The City.

Weekend Conference kick-off event starting at 7:30pm Our theme for the conference this year is how we can do international missions well but we don’t want to overlook the fact that we have the opportunity to do international ministry right here in Calgary! We will be celebrating the diversity of cultures that are represented in our Brentview community with music and stories.

Saturday, Oct. 22
Seminar Sessions starting at 9:15am In addition to celebrating stories of missions, this year we wanted to provide some opportunities to learn and engage in conversation around some mission themed topics. For details about each session, click on the conference seminars button at the bottom of the post. Please register by clicking the button at the bottom of the post. 

Conference Banquet starting at 6:00pm We will be highlighting some of the international ministries that the NAB is involved in. Tickets are $20. Please register by clicking the Banquet Registration button at the end of this post. 

Sunday, Oct. 23
Regular Sunday services with guest speaker Jeff Kilmartin. We will also be hosting a missions fair in the gym between the services where many of our partner organizations and other organizations will have information on how you can get involved. 

Alpha at brentview

Alpha at brentview

Have questions about purpose, eternity and love? Alpha is a series of interactive sessions to explore those questions.

October 4 - December 13. Tuesdays at 7pm Brentview Baptist Church

Coffee, dessert, and a safe place to talk about your questions. No charge.

visit www.alphacanada.org/try for more details

Brentview is Hiring

Brentview is Hiring

Brentview Baptist Church is currently seeking to fill the full time position of Director of Worship. Please submit all resumes and questions to Pastor Dan at dan.leffelaar@brentviewbaptist.com. 

Pastor Dave's Bill 10 Letter

Pastor Dave's Bill 10 Letter

Bill 10/ Guidelines for Best Practices Dr. David Spate As many of you know, last year, our former provincial government passed Bill 10 with the goal of “allowing gay and straight alliances” to happen within the schools. Recently, our present Alberta government has taken this a step farther and sent out an extensive document to our schools and school boards called “Guidelines for Best Practices.”

Over the last few weeks, I have been praying over what our response should be to this issue. As I phoned around, I found that most Churches are doing nothing — which concerns me — and a few are gearing up for war — which also concerns me. So, I have been asking, "What would Jesus have us do?"

Remember, we begin with one important to fact: we are Jesus followers.

As we have said, in other hot button issues, we feel that Jesus’ example was one where He always LED with GRACE and then STOOD on TRUTH. For example, with the woman caught in adultery, the first thing He did was chastise those who wanted to use this woman’s situation to make a point for their cause. He then cared for her in such a way that she could move from a situation which was causing her pain, and was biblically wrong, to a place of freedom and a better … and a godlier… life. So our response must be like his: it needs to be measured and gentle, and the truth presented in such a way as to help people want to walk into a new, or deeper, walk with Jesus … into a life which will be richer and fuller —that is what Jesus would have us do.

But, the hardest part about standing strong on truth is this: we need to do this while understanding that:

1) We have been given an insider’s view of truth … for the Bible tells us how to live. It gives us God’s views on issues such as sexuality … marriage … how to treat one another… SO THAT by following His teachings, we have a road map on how to get the most out of the abundant life He wants everyone to enjoy, and then, by our lives, help others walk into a better life. But right beside that is …

2) The fact is that while some of us grew up in a society where Christian values ruled the day … (For example, when I was growing up in a small town, the school principal or town council would have asked my dad [as a pastor in our town] for his advice before making any “Guidelines for Best Practices” in our local school.) …today, whether we like it or not, things have changed. For example, you may be upset with the price of oil, but if you don’t take the realities of the financial situation into consideration as you run your company, you will not succeed. In a similar way, if we as Christians don’t take into account what our society believes, or sees, as being true, they will never hear a thing we say about Jesus … or about what needs to happen in our schools. So, as people who know from Scripture how we are called to live, but who are also living in a culture that, when we say “the Bible says”, may begin to close their ears. How, then, should we respond … so we can bring light … and salt … and truth into the discussion? How can we respond so that we can stand up for those who are being picked on at school … so we can be an influence on those who don’t believe Christians care about them. And, so we will be heard in a way that will help us protect and care for our kids … our grandkids .. and our neighbour’s kids?

What do we do?

First, we should act like Jesus would in the middle of this discussion.

We must never forget that we are called to care and protect people in the middle of our hurting world. We need to speak and act in a way that says …"We are against homophobia, we are against bullying, we are against abusive talk … especially if it is done while quoting Scripture. We are for reconciliation … and we want to offer grace. Further, we realize that as we speak, many kids and parents, who are wrestling with these issues, are hurting deeply, and as the Proverbs says “a gentle word turns away anger…”. So, first … be like Jesus with your words and actions. Make sure you are caring for teachers, principals, politicians, and give them the benefit of the doubt that they are choosing to believe, that they want, the best for the kids, as well as wanting to help protect and love those kids who are struggling with sexual issues and help parents — who may be hurting as well (just like you would) — for they love their kids desperately. So, move in such a way that you can create friends, and not enemies, as you care.

Second, we need to speak up. As I read these guidelines, I see a number of things that deeply concern me. (ex. Gender-neutral change rooms: while they may make a few individuals feel more comfortable, are, instead, placing other children in very uncomfortable positions; that somehow the idea of equality seems to only go one way; and that there are statements concerning parental rights. I believe it is only fair [and we would say crucial] for the rights and beliefs of all parents to be equally honoured). Furthermore, it seems only fair to honour Christian beliefs in an identical way that other beliefs are being honoured, in these guidelines. Again, I applaud the idea of antibullying programs and teaching on empathy. I thank those who are working so hard to make this a reality. But, I also feel that I need to write my MLA, the Premier, and my local school principal to express some of my concerns. I am also writing Minister Eggen, the Education Minister, because he has asked for input from his principals and school leaders. Therefore, I want to give them the ability to say, "We feel we need to do such and such… or not do some things .. (and our letter help give their word the backing of many parents and community members)…’.

And so, because I choose to believe our Education Minister wants the best for our kids, and that he truly wants to hear from his principals, as well as us as parents, grandparents, and other stakeholders in our communities: first, I will generously affirm those parts of the document that I agree with; second, I will look at the guidelines (notice the web-sites below) so my response isn’t merely someone else’s ideas or words but is mine, and I will express my positive and constructive comments to them; third, gently … and with logic which comes from my understanding of scripture … (but not quoting scripture, for remember, we live in a post-Christian country now … and shouting louder won’t change that) … I will graciously and logically express my views to them. And I will probably remind them that I am a voting member in Alberta. Finally, I will pray for the kids … as well as the principals and the politicians.

Over the next while, we ask you to simply pray for God to move in this situation, so that lives are protected, so grace will be given, and truth will be understood and result in our schools increasingly becoming places that will help encourage our children with ideas which will help them live fuller lives. And as a church, we will be looking at ways to help you as parents lead your children.

Email addresses:

The Honourable David Eggen, Minister of Education edmonton.calder@assembly.ab.ca

The Honourable Mark Smith* draytonvalley.devon@assembly.ab.ca (The Wildrose Education Shadow Minister)

The Honourable Rachel Notley, M.L.A., Premier of Alberta premier@gov.ab.ca