As most of you who have spent time around Brentview are aware, our vision is Every Person Making Disciples. This is a big, life-long vision for our Church, and so in order to help us focus our attention in the shorter term, the leadership team has been working to define the specific mission and focus areas for the next few years that will move us closer to the ultimate goal. We believe that over the next little while,

Our Holy Spirit-led mission is to transform and present Brentview as an essential part of the community of Calgary. We accomplish this by living out discipleship practices, developing a Christ-like welcoming spirit, and calling people to take the next steps in their faith journey.

We’ve identified two areas in which to focus our strategic planning. The first, Equipping Disciples, is at the heart of many of the changes we have seen over the past year in small groups and the next steps processes that have been rolling out this fall. The second focus area, Transforming our Community, is about equipped disciples engaging in God’s mission in the world. As this is a newer focus area for us, the specific strategies are still in development, and will likely evolve over the coming months, but I’m here today to tell you about one opportunity you have to be a part of Transforming our Community right now.

The 2016 Mission Project Fund is a one-month capital campaign that is intended to finance five projects that will share the transformative love of Christ in Our World, Our City, and on the doorsteps of Our Church. Starting today, we are inviting you to give to this fund, which will support three specific projects at C-Quest in Mexico, HATS in Haiti, and New Beginnings in Mexico, provide for the ongoing support of the Syrian refugee family sponsored by a number of families in our Church, and raise seed capital for future ministries of Brentview to the community just outside our doors. Complete details on all of these initiatives are available in a handout that Marc Sardachuk will be distributing at the missions fair following the service. This information will also be shared on The City, and will be available from the Church office starting tomorrow.

We believe that there is a role for everyone in the transformation of Our World, Our City, and Our Church, so we are asking you to prayerfully consider your involvement. If you are able to make space in your finances to give, over and above your usual generosity, to the Mission Project Fund, this campaign will be running from today until Sunday, November 20th. You can designate your donation by writing Mission Project Fund on one of the envelopes in the pews, or by selecting the Mission option online or in the Pushpay app. In addition to the financial piece, prayerfully consider what part God may be calling you to play in the transformation of our community. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please speak to someone on the elders’ board, the pastoral staff, or the missions lead team. Thank you.