Short Term Groups Available this Fall | All groups are evening groups starting at 7PM

  • An Introduction to Prophecy led by Adam Mayhew starting on Thursday, October 6 for 7 weeks
    This group will walk through of the book You May All Prophecy by Steve Thompson. The book helps you recognize God's voice, understand the different ways He speaks, and provides practical steps to minister prophetically. You will discover that God is already speaking to you, and gain insight and wisdom to interpret dreams and visions. Cost: $10 to cover the cost of the book.
  • Alpha starting on Tuesday, October 4 for 11 weeks
    Questions about purpose, eternity and love. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions to explore those questions with food, a talk and open discussion. Cost : no cost. 
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality led by Kelsey Fiss starting on Thursday, October 6 for 8 weeks.
    Emotionally Healthy Spirituality explores what it would look like if we were released to live free from our emotional immaturity. God cares about all aspects of our humanity, including our emotional health. Come join us Thursday nights this fall as we explore how to overcome our emotional unhealthiness to find the authentic life in Christ your heart is longing for. Cost: $15 to cover the cost of the book.
  • Breaking Free led by Sara-May Cardy starting Tuesday, October 4 for 11 weeks
    Breaking Free is a study by Beth Moore that looks at what it means to have freedom in Christ. Using scripture we will discover the truth that God intends for us to know and believe Him, glorify Him, experience His peace, and enjoy His presence. Ladies, come prepared to do some work as we work together to find our freedom in Christ. Cost: $20 to cover the cost of the workbook. 
  • Called to Love - An In-depth Study of 1 John led by Shara Chapek starting Tuesday, October 4 for 5 weeks
    Join us as we take a look at what the Word says about loving our enemies, standing firm in truth, and what it means to walk as Jesus did. In this study, we will take an inductive approach with the beautifully honest letter of 1 John. We will dive into who John was as an author, what the original readers of this book would have been thinking after receiving such a letter, some historical background during the time period it was written, and how the powerful truths can be applied to our lives today. Cost: no cost. 
  • Reflecting on the Book of Psalms led by Darren Martin starting Thursday, October 6 for 6 weeks
    The book of Psalms is a collection of songs or poems written to God. They are written by real people living real lives and expressing their very real emotions. Join us as we examine the different kinds of Psalms that were written by David during different seasons of his life. Our learning will provide us the opportunity to examine our feelings towards God as we reflect on the season of life that we find ourselves in. Cost: no cost.

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