Chances are that you are in the majority of Christians who rarely or never fast. It’s not because you haven’t read it in scripture or want to do it. But, it is because you never got around to trying it.

Fasting is the voluntary giving up of food or something else you regularly enjoy for the sake of a spiritual purpose.

Jesus assumed his followers would fast, for he doesn’t say ‘if’, but ‘when you fast’. (Matt. 6:16). Fasting allows you to give up something .. so you can concentrate on praying for and seeking God’s guidance concerning a specific situation or a need.

We would ask you to consider giving up a meal or fasting for a part of a day (or a day) so that as you experience hunger you will turn and pray for our church, your heart and God’s will for us at Brentview. 

Fasting for many is not easy, we get used to eating .. we enjoy eating. So as you fast remember the following:

  1. Make a plan. Make sure you are fine physically to fast, and then care for yourself during the fast. For example a day of fasting should not be day where you will have high physical activity.
  2. Keep yourself well hydrated, drinking tea or juice or water through the time you fast. 
  3. Know that your fast may take the form of not eating  or it may mean giving up something that is precious to you for a time.
  4. When you feel hunger use it as a prompting to pray. Don’t focus on the loss of food but instead focus on what you want to pray about or your desire to know Jesus better.
  5. Things to pray about:
    •  Your personal walk with God. Concentrate on what God is speaking to you about .. not what He needs to tell others. Ask is Jesus pleased with how you have acted or reacted.
    •  Pray for wise decrement for yourself and for the Elders. Pray for those considering joining the Elders team.
    • Pray for the ability to see issues through the eyes of others. Pray for reconciliation between people.
    • Pray that God will convict your heart with His call to do that which leads to unity. 
    • Pray for wise next steps, as we talk together and discover the kind of structure and rhythms that will help a church this size walk into the future God has for this church.

Thanks for considering praying and fasting with us. Thanks for your commitment to the ministry at Brentview. As you pray listen to what Jesus is saying to you and don’t ever miss that He has a plan for this church which we are each called to step into.