Hello again family and friends, 

Well, here we are! As we start to write this, the team is sitting down for supper at our hotel in Budapest. It's finally starting to sink in that our time in Szentkiraly is over, so in order to postpone that feeling, we'll reflect on our last three days.


Monday and Tuesday were quite similar to each other. After breakfast, we drove straight to our first VBS in the village of Agrispatak. We beat the heat by running around in the sun for a couple of hours and enjoyed the 50 or so kids who showed up. For the first time this trip, we split the youth and did some things with them separately from the younger kids. We used the same strategy in the afternoon, both Monday and Tuesday, which enabled some more personal sharing/testimony time with the teens. Both members of our team and youth from the village shared during this time.  We had lunch at the Hotel Transilvania and stuffed ourselves (as usual) before getting back on the road.

Our afternoon location was Erked, where we went to church this past Sunday. There weren't too many attendees (around 35), which was kind of nice for the second half of a double-header. It grew warmer as the day went on - shocking, I know! - so we tried to be conscientious about drinking enough water. All kids were engaged in the crafts, sports and story time and were always involved. A highlight for some of our members was getting to build friendships with many of the children, as many hugs were given. We had a great time closing out our VBS ministry and even managed to keep chuckling at Paul’s jokes. 

As we began to prepare for the end of the trip, we decided that in order to show our appreciation to the Romanian team that served alongside us, we would write a personalized letter to each of them. We exchanged our cards and took the time to spend our last night together.  In celebration of our time together, we had an ice cream party in the evening, filled with many laughs, photos, and stories. Overall it was a night of mixed feelings, as we would have to say goodbye the next morning. However, the friendships that we have created within this village will be long lasting and have majorly blessed our experience in Szentkiraly.

 Wednesday morning we woke up and had breakfast, the teens from the village woke up early to say goodbye. It was hard because we had become really good friends and we were disappointed that time had gone fast. We then started the long drive to Budapest. We stopped at Szentendre for lunch and a little souvenir shopping. We had a Hungarian dish called langos which is basically deep fried bread. The temperature was 39 degrees and it was unpleasantly hot. We then continued on our way to Budapest where we we able to rest for an hour and are currently having a team debrief over our last supper together as team. 

Our team debrief was a great celebration of the things that God has done. The discussions were filled with emotion and thankfulness. For those of you in and near Calgary, we will have a team sharing night which you are all invited to attend. Please stay tuned for further details on that as we decide the best date for all team members. 

As we finished our team debrief one of the most important things we were able to do is pray for Szabi, Paul and Tanya. Szabi, our team translator, is a behind the scenes worker. He has sacrificed and served us so well, and his ministry extends so far. Paul and Tanya, our fearless leaders will also continue with the ministry that you are all aware of. We ask that you join us in praying for these people, along with the staff of Camp Falcon Rock. Every piece of intercession is important and we want to pray for an outpouring of God’s favour on these people. Together as an international body of believers we know that each prayer is making a difference. 

It is now currently Thursday morning and we are packing up to leave. The majority of the team was scheduled to fly out from Budapest to Toronto this afternoon at 12:50. Unfortunately we have received word that our flight has been delayed 5 hours meaning that we will miss our connections out of Toronto for our last leg home. Please pray that all of the details will work themselves out. Thankfully, the the flights and trains for our other team members (who are staying overseas to travel) are still on time. Please pray that they would enjoy their travels and that their flights home would go off without a hitch.

We want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your support. Your encouraging words, prayer and various other forms of support have not been forgotten. This trip, serving for God’s Kingdom, would not have been possible without you. Thank you!

God Bless, 

The Romania Team 2017