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From 9-12AM we will be making meals to stock up our freezer for the shared meals program we have here at the church! Click below to learn more about the program!

We will also be having a free childcare drop in during that time! There’s going to be snacks, crafts, games, and gym time for kids grade 4 and younger. Grade 5+ can help us in the kitchen making meals!

Parents, you are welcome to stay in the gym with your kids.


NOTE: This event is for Grade 5 and up ONLY! Thanks!

We will be starting out this night with a meal together to make it easier for you all to attend! Come eat with your family or small group, or come make some friends and eat with them! The meal is happening from 5:30-6:30. If you want to come for the meal, please register down below! If you can’t make it, no worries, just register for the actual service project using the next button!

If you are attending BOTH, make sure you register for both!!

Starting at 6:30, we will be having a short talk, and then we will be heading out in groups to serve the helpers in our community or to serve those in need. The event will wrap up in the evening when we share hot chocolate and stories as a group!

Please register down below, and do a separate registration for every person in your family attending by submitting the form and then clicking the button again! We would absolutely love to see you there!