Jesus followers understand that they are part of a bigger story. They are seeking to take their purposeful place in God’s redemptive story

The following are some practices to help us engage in God’s story: 

1. Be open to and receive God into your daily work/schedule:

  • Bring God into your workplace by asking him to help you solve problems. This communication does not need to be formal; quick, silent prayers spoken before or during a phone conversation or meeting are heard by God too.
  • Choose a day this week to do everything in honour of God. Drive your car, answer the telephone, conduct the staff meeting, greet people, and enter data in the computer with an audience of One.
  • Take God with you wherever you go. During the next few days, make a special effort to be a ‘tabernacle’ where God dwells. Cooperate with God to bring good wherever you walk by praying for those you meet in the park, in your home, at work, or in your church.  A great place to start is to meditate on John 1:14 each day.     

2. Write a supportive letter this week to someone you feel may need a word of encouragement.  Serve others with your words. Protect people’s reputations and speak well of others as a way of serving them.

3. Help out in your community by spending an afternoon at a local shelter or soup kitchen, giving blood, writing to your MLA, helping a friend in need, or going for a prayer walk through your community. 

4. Take an inventory of your life. On a piece of paper, list all of the activities that you are involved in such as work, church, hobbies, parenting etc. On a scale of 1 to 10, decide how well you bring the presence of God into each activity. Do not be discouraged, but, instead, ask God to help you show forth His presence in those areas that have lower scores. As you participate in those activities, imagine God working through you. 

5. Spend a week specifically praying for one of our mission partners, the church staff or a friend.  At the end, share any promptings the Holy Spirit may have given.