Come join us for an evening of food, community, meeting new people, and playing some great GAMES!  Come prepared to engage in some epic battles - light party games, Euro-style strategy, and everything in between. Everyone is welcome! Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry, we’re happy to show you how.

Bring some games or a snack/pop to share. We'll be in the main foyer gym when you enter off of the main doors on Charleswood Drive. Invite your friends or swing by solo and join in on the fun.

Brentview is providing free pizza at 5:30 for those who RSVP* in advance.

*To RSVP click the button below 

We'll be running bigger social games like Captain Sonar, Ultimate Werewolf, and others after pizza! We're also looking into some prizes, so stay tuned 

Updated Games list: 7 Wonders, Akrotiri, Apples to Apples, Battlestar Galactica, Blokus Duo, Bohnanza, Castles of Burgundy, Chess, Captain Sonar, Settlers of Catan, Century: Spice Road, Citadels, Concordia, Coup, Cranium, Dutch Blitz, Forbidden Desert, Jaipur, Jamaica, Machi Koro, Not Alone, Onitama, Pandemic, Santorini, Scattergories, Splendor, Tsuro of the Seas, Uno...