CALLING SR HIGH. We are now offering Camp sign up forms due THIS SUNDAY. Download paper forms from our Facebook page or collect one this Wednesday! Forms to church office, Pete or Gabe. You can also register online below. 


The ABA Sr High Retreat is coming up soon!

March 9th -11th is when all the ABA churches are invited to send their senior high students to Camp Caroline for a youth retreat. We are expecting up to 300 students and leaders to gather for a weekend of fun, building relationships and having the opportunity to grow together in Jesus. The annual ABA retreats serve the purpose of building unity throughout our conference, providing students the opportunity to see a big picture of the Church outside of their normal context. Our theme this year is looking at being Anchored in your faith. What does it mean to know Christ and be firmly anchored in Him and how that can transform you life whether your leaving high school to join the “real world” or moving on the next grade.

This retreat is designed to give youth leaders time with their students. A team of camp volunteers take care of all of the games, lifeguarding, dishes, etc. so that leaders can have time and space to talk with their students. After each session, there will be a debrief time where each group can talk together, make plans together, and pray together. This is a great opportunity to grow together and ensure that the good things learned and experienced at the retreat can be taken back into your context when the retreat is over!