• Brentview Baptist Church (map)
  • 3512 Charleswood Drive Northwest
  • Calgary, AB, T2L 2C3
  • Canada

Registration is now closed.

Who should register?

Any of the following who are committed to being intentional about leaving a faith legacy for the next generations:

·       Grandparents

·       Upcoming-grandparents

·       Surrogate grandparents

·       Parents who desire to involve their own parents in their children’s lives


What’s included in the registration fee:

·       Interactive teaching session providing tools to impact our children and grandchildren (see seminar outline below)

·       Session materials

·       Courageous Grandparenting – Unshakeable Faith in a Broken World (one book per single registrant; one book per couple)

·       Lunch and snacks


Seminar Outline

SESSION ONE: OWN UP! Does Your Legacy Matter?

This session explores what God says about grandparents’ legacy, and three critical roles God has given us.

SESSON TWO: WISE UP! Unpacking the Issachar Factor

Understanding the times and knowing what impacts how we fulfill the three Critical Roles of biblical grandparenting discussed in Session One.

SESSION THREE: SPEAK UP! Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing

This session explores what the Bible says about the spoken blessing as a powerful tool in a grandparent’s toolbox. Learn how to unleash that power in your own family, even if they aren’t believers. 

SESSION FOUR: GEAR UP! Allies or Adversaries: What About Parent and Grandparent Relationships? 

Our relationships with our adult children and spouses is a critical piece of successful grandparenting. We’ll explore how to build and maintain strong relationships for the sake of all involved, especially the grandchildren.

SESSION FIVE: STEP UP! Let’s Take the Hill Country!