Grade 5 to 8 students are now just in the service or volunteering, we will be starting our time together on Sunday mornings again in September. 

On Sunday mornings during the 11am service students can meet in the youth room downstairs for a time together. There will be worship, large group time, small group time and some fun activities. This is a great space that grade 5 to 8 students can build a community with students their age and their leaders. Throughout the year there will be many different series that will be focused on, and during small group time the students can explore these topics deeper and grow in their faith. 


Two Wednesday nights a month at 6:45pm there are events planned for grade 5 to 8 students. There will be one night a month that is a church night and will involve some games, worship, and small groups. The other Wednesday night is a fun event, some being at the church and others being off site. 


James River
September 21 to 23

This year James river is open to Grades 5 to 12. This is a great weekend to hangout with friends, build community, relax and grow deeper in faith. If you have questions about this retreat please contact Pete Morrison or Gabe Lucente

Register below by September 12th! 


3512 Charleswood Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2L 2C3  403-284-4691

Sunday Service Times
9:00am, 11:00am and 6:30pm