Jesus followers are people who are growing. Their roots grow down into the richness of life in God and deep into His Word. Often what we need in our faith is not more information about God but Revelation from God; to become people who are mastered by the Word. 


  • Meditate on a verse or brief passage. Keep your selection simple. Take twenty minutes or so to read the verse/passage slowly and carefully. Pause after each sentence and reflect on it. Ask questions: What does this sentence mean? What is God telling me about myself? About Jesus Christ? About me? About others? If a particular word or phrase stands out, spend additional time reflecting on it. 
  • Select a verse unfamiliar to you from a favorite translation and memorize it. Memorizing Scripture allows God’s word to take root in your thought life and in your inner heart. It is easier to memorize a verse one phrase at a time than all at once. Keep adding phrases and saying the verse to yourself throughout the day until you are able to repeat it from memory.  Don’t just stop at one!
  • Study and go in-depth with a book of the Bible. Read different commentaries to discover details such as: authorship, historical setting, genre, and any issues. Determine what the main themes are, discover how the original hearers would have taken it, and answer the question: How does this book apply to us today?
  • The book of Proverbs is a book of wisdom for day-to-day living, for life in the marketplace. (Proverbs 1:21 Lady Wisdom calls aloud in the public squares, noisy streets, or gateways of the city.). Each day read a chapter of Proverbs and ask the Holy Spirit to help you remember and use that wisdom in the situations you find yourself in that day. Learn to listen to this Wisdom wherever you go. Record what happens.
  • The book of Psalms has been the prayer book of the Church because it helps give a voice to the entire experience of being human. Each day pray through a Psalm. Feel free to try and experiment with a number of different ways: use the Psalms as the foundation of your words to pray, listen to God’s word for you in a word or phrase, intercede for others using the Psalms, write your own Psalm, or even draw, paint or sing out your response.