Week 1 | We begin
Get to know you Bible - Introduction notes in your Bible

Video Resources: 
Please take a look at the video to the right, but also follow some of the links provided below. 

Bible Experiment: Genesis | Joe Boyd

Read Scripture: Old Testament Videos | Bible Project

Small Group Questions:

  • Share with your small group what your experiences have been with reading the Bible

  • When do you find it difficult to read? Has it ever felt effortless?

  • What are some of the biggest questions you’ve had while reading the scriptures?

  • What do you wish the Bible had an answer for?

Week 2 | In the beginning
Reading Plan: Genesis Chapter 1-3, Psalm 19, Revelation 22

Video Resources
Please take a look at the video to the right, but also follow the link provided below. 

The Creator Delights in His Creation | RightNow Media

Small Group Questions:

  • When an author writes a book they often spend a huge amount of time crafting the very first line of the book. Why do you think the very first verse in the bible begins with the words ‘in the beginning, God’?

  • As you read the first two chapters in the Bible you will see that it takes place in a garden .. then as you read the last chapter of the last book in the Bible you will find that the story concludes with man and God in the garden again. Why would God bookend the Bible in this way?

  • In Gen. 1:26 we find this strange line; “Then God said ‘let us make man in Our own image according to Our own likeness...” What do you think this is talking about? Why do you think this is placed here? What are the implications of this line?

  • As we begin this journey through the Bible, what is God saying to you as you begin? Humanity is made in God’s image, do you find that difficult or easy to believe?

Week 3 | Be Reasonable
Reading Plan: Genesis 1, Psalm 104, John 1:1-3, Hebrews 11:3

Small Group Questions:

  • How have you felt when the topic of science and faith is brought up by others?

  • Pastor Dan presented several positions that Christians hold about creation - Which one do you find yourself drawn to?

  • Are the questions that science answers similar to questions that faith answers? How are they different?

Week 4 | Science and Faith
Reading plan: Genesis 21:1-3, Exodus 14, Daniel 6,  Matthew 1, Matthew 14:22-33, Luke 24:1-36

Small Group Questions:

  • Which miracle of Jesus is your favorite? Why?

  • What would happen to the practice of our faith if we chose to read Jefferson’s version of the Bible?

  • Have you ever experienced something miraculous or unexplainable?

  • Why is it often so difficult to believe in something that isn’t explained or understood?

  • Do you find yourself more drawn to being curious or being certain?

  • What role does curiosity and wonder play in your personal faith?

  • What role does certainty play in your personal faith?

Week 5 | Genesis 3: The Fall
Reading plan: Genesis 3, Romans 3:9-23

Video Resource:
Please take a look at the video to the right.

Small Group Questions:

  • List some of the ways you use to determine right and wrong.

  • Sometimes the word mistake doesn’t seem strong enough to describe people’s behaviour. Where have you observed the inadequacy of labelling something a mistake?

  • What do you associate with the word sin?

  • What does it cost a person to admit he or she is a sinner?

  • Do you resist the idea of being referred to as a sinner? Why or why not?

Week 6 | The Fall continues...
Reading plan: Genesis 4-10

Small Group Questions:

  • When you turn on the news and see the many terrible things people do to each other, how do you personally process those events?

  • When you read these 6 chapters, are there things in the text that you find a ‘little confusing’? When you come across such issues (or others you find a little confusing along our journey through the bible) - As a group how are you going to face or work through those kinds of issues?

  • Are you surprised how quickly disunity and murder happened within a family, how quickly man thought he knew more than God, and distance relationally developed between man and God? Is this still the pattern in our world today? Why?

  • This section of the bible seems to have a common themes - what theme’s do you notice?

  • What does the story of Noah tell you about God?