Mother’s Day.. it is a wonderful, and yet strange Sunday at any church. There is the great desire to celebrate the role our mom’s and the mother’s of our children, have played in the lives of their children. But it is also a tough day for many people, because ‘mother’s day’ brings different emotions to the surface depending on the situation we have had personally. One of the wonders of scripture is that the stories we find .. often are multi-layered. Our passage today happens at at time when Israel is not doing well spiritually. It is a time when a spiritual ‘hero’ is needed …  and her name was Hannah.

1. In I Samuel we are going to be introduced to 3 great men .. Samuel, King Saul and King David .. and yet the book begins by telling the story of a women named Hannah. Why do you think God did that? What does it say about God’s view of Women?

2. Read I Sam.1:1-16 .. What factors in Hannah’s life made life hard for her?  Hannah is not unique, but like us struggles .. are their lessons we need to learn from her that will help us cope as we walk through tough times?

3. What advise would give Peninnah, Elkanah and Eli so that they could be more helpful as they cared for Hannah in the midst of her struggles? Do you have any other words of advise for caring for others that you have learned along your journey of faith?

4. I Sam. 1:18  It seems that if the story ended here .. Hannah would be fine. Somehow she was able to trust her future to God .. and ‘ate and was no longer downcast’ … how was that possible?

5. I Sam. 1:17 Eli prayed a blessing over Hannah that profoundly changed her view of her situation .. and eventually was answered with the birth of Samuel. Pray over each other God’s blessing for them.