Have you ever been at a 3D movie, and forgot to put your 3D glasses on as the movie began? While you could still see what was going on … things seemed a little blurry, didn’t they? But as you put your glasses on, weren’t you amazed at the depth and clarity of the image you saw? In II Kings 6 a similar experience happens to the prophet Elisha’s servant. Let’s look at that experience together.

Setting: It has been 150 years since Samuel was alive, and while King David and his family accomplished many amazing things (including the building of the magnificent temple in Jerusalem, and the establishment of Israel as a secure nation), in subsequent years poor leadership has led to many problems in the country and now Syria has begun raiding Israel again.

  1. Glance back through the first 6 chapters of II Kings (maybe focus on 4:8-36 or 5:1-14) and ask a simple question .. ‘why would God have these ‘amazing’ stories recorded in the bible?’ What can we imply from these stories for our lives today?

  2. Read II Kings 6:8-12, God communicates with Elisha in a very clear way, do you believe that God still speaks to us today? If so how?  Is there things we can do to help hear Him better, or ‘know when it is ‘His voice’ not our own?

  3. Read II Kings 6:13-17, What does this say about how God cares for us? Where have you seen God’s active involvement in your life, or the lives of someone near to you?

  4. I Cor. 13:12 we find this line …  ‘for now we see only a reflection as in a mirror’ —in other words we don’t see all that God is up to in our world … Now read II Kings 6:17 again … If you could ‘see more than you could see with your naked eye’ (if God allowed you to put on spiritual 3D glasses), and you could see all that is happening around you, what do you think you would see God doing around you and for you .. right now? How would that affect how you are living today, what you are worrying about and how much you are concerned about things in your future?