Palm Sunday

Behold Your King

As Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday he did so with a plan in mind. He came to bring change. He came to establish a new covenant, not simply to tweak the old one. As you prepare for Easter, take time to consider Jesus’ actions. Why was he so bent on challenging the religious leaders of his day?

Small Group Questions:

1) Read Luke 20:9-19. As the teachers of the law and chief priests listened to Jesus’ parable, why were they so offended? What was Jesus suggesting?

2) Has your experience with church up until now emphasized rules or freedom? How has that emphasis influenced the way you view God?

3) Read Galatians 5:1–4. In what ways do you find yourself trying to be justified to God through rules (the law) instead of through Jesus? Why is it so tempting to try to earn God’s favour by following rules?

4) What is one thing you can do this week to simply love God and receive his mercy and grace instead of trying to earn his favour?

5) Have you ever met a person who seemed truly free in his or her relationship with Jesus? If so, what did that person’s relationships with other people look like?

6) Read Galatians 5:14. Talk about the relationship between love and God’s law. How do you think love provides more freedom to individuals yet still fulfills the law?

7) Who is one person you need to do a better job of loving? What is one thing you can do this week to love that person?

Easter Sunday

There is so much riding on the Easter story .. everything from  .. is Jesus really God/ can He really change people’s lives/ is He present with me today and will Jesus really be enough for the situations I will walk through as a person?  As we have been journeying through the bible, we have seen that ‘all of the bible has been preparing us for Jesus’ death and resurrection'. For the Bible is the story of how God has been systematically walking us toward that first Easter. 

As you look at the questions below .. start with prayer, asking God to help you gain a larger .. grander, and more profound understanding about what happened on that first Easter Sunday.

1. Look back to what happened on ‘Good Friday’ … Why were the disciples so ‘completely devastated’ by Jesus’ death?

2. Please read 1 Cor. 15:1-2 (notice how often the word ‘you” is used -why?)  :3-19   Look at the list of people who said they personally saw Jesus alive and well after the resurrection. Who (or what Group of people) in the list stand out to you? Who would you love to interview, and why?

3. Pastor Dave made this comment .. ‘once you have talked to the resurrected Jesus one can talk you out of what you believe’. How should Jesus’ resurrection affect you and I?

4. On Pentecost, Peter preached a fiery sermon and made these 2 statements, first .. ‘But God raised Him from the dead’ (Acts 2:24). And secondly,  he said that ‘God has raised this Jesus to life and WE are ALL witnesses of it’ (Acts 2:32). And then in chapter two Peter added  ‘you killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead, and WE are witnesses of this’ (Acts 3:15). In every instance the ‘proof that their faith was real, and that the gospel they preached was from God, .. rested on one single profound truth.. that Jesus rose from the dead, and they that had personally seen Him. If the foundation of the NT church was that ‘their faith rest completely on the resurrection’ … what implications does that have for us?   

5. Today, as we live in a culture that often downplays the wonder and authority of the Bible .. how significant is it, that the early NT leaders and the powerful and dynamic Early church’s saw the resurrection as the foundation on which their faith rested?