Small groups provide you with the opportunity to follow Jesus together with a handful of other people and serve as a great environment to practice what it means to be a disciple. There are multiple small groups running this fall, you are welcome to attend any that interest you. 

All of the small groups start at 7:00pm here at Brentview Baptist Church unless otherwise stated in the description.

Thursday • Starting September 13th

Bible Study Fellowship for Young Adults (ages 18-35) • Runs until May 9, 2019 with breaks over Christmas, Spring Break and Easter • Free

This is an in-depth bible study based on the four-fold method of personal study, group discussion, lecture, and review notes/commentary. 
This year, we'll be studying People of the Promised Land, Part I, covering the united kingdom of Israel, from Joshua to Solomon. We will be studying the books of Joshua, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-11 and overviews of Psalms and Proverbs.

This group starts at 7:30pm at Brentview Baptist Church.

Tuesday • Starting October 2nd

With • 9 weeks • $7 (ebook) or $17 (paperback)

Often in our Christian journey we respond to God in one of four ways. We live a life from God (we want God’s blessings but don’t necessarily want God), Life over God (a life governed by formulas and controllable outcomes without space for God), Life for God (life as activists, search for significance) and life under God (cause & effect – we obey God and he blesses us). None of these four ways can be truly satisfying and they don’t propel us to lead a life on mission. What would it look like for us to instead live our lives with God? This group will explore what it looks like to move from living a life for, under, over and from God, to a life with God – in communion and abiding with him using the book With by Skye Jethani.

thursday • Starting October 4th

On Guard • 9 weeks • $25

Are you wondering whether Faith and reason can coexist? Are you looking to better equip yourself to articulate the reasons for the hope within you? Join an examination of “On Guard: defending your faith with reason and precision" by William Lane Craig. Dr. Craig is a pre-eminant apologist, theologian, and philosopher who has created the definitive study guide for learning the leading arguments in favour of the existence of God, and the deity of Jesus Christ.  The content is both accessible and sophisticated, making it suitable and engaging regardless of your background in formal philosophical training. The subject matter is appropriate for individuals who are exploring whether to commit to Faith, or Christians looking to deepen their intellectual Faith journey.

Saturday • Starting October 6th

Cartooning for Christ: Come, draw closer to Jesus • 7 weeks • $25

This small group teaches the basics of comic creation (character design, panel/page composition, writing basics, etc.) while being coupled with Christian devotionals. All skill levels are welcome!

The time for this small group is 9:30am to 11:30am.

Thursday • Starting October 11th

Sozo • 11 weeks • $35

Sozo trains up leaders to help people receive the full package of salvation, deliverance and healing. This seminar will focus on teaching useful tools for walking people through a journey towards freedom. The aim is to love people and to provide information so that the healing of past wounds can break strongholds, replace lies with truth and close doors to the enemy. We want people connected to the Godhead in a more intimate way in order for them to continue to walk out and fulfill their God given destiny

Pre requisite is either Prophecy Class (which was offered two years ago), or the Prayer: Connecting to the Heart of God (offered the last year)

You must register for this class by September 20th


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