Jesus followers stand alongside other Jesus followers forming a community that is connected through Jesus resulting in a community that is following Jesus together.

Have neighbours over The communities we live in often feel like isolated places. We do not even know who lives across the street. This month, have one of your neighbours over for a meal or coffee.  Try to invite someone you do not know very well or who you would like to build a deeper friendship with. 

Help a friend in need Do you know someone who needs assistance? If so, help that person, whether it be helping them move or fixing something. As well, you could practice the service of hiddenness. Do a kind deed without being asked or expecting recognition. 

Learn to go deeper with an existing friend  It seems more difficult then ever to build a certain depth of relationship. Without this growing depth over time a certain shallowness of a relationship will set in. Break through this perceived boundary and take the risk and share something about yourself or what God is teaching you to a friend. Go deeper than you normally would in your current stage of the relationship. 

Our tongue and words are very powerful instruments.  Take the time to train your tongue to be a force for good. Try the following exercises: 

Practice the art of speaking positively Say two positive comments for every one negative comment about someone or something.

Go a day without saying anything negative In the morning ask the Holy Spirit to ‘set a guard over your mouth” (Ps. 141:3), preventing you from saying anything negative.

Go a day without saying anything dishonest Pray that the Holy Spirit will make your heart pure, honest, and will alert you to anything that is less than forthright. Do not manipulate your words; let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’. 

Look for an opportunity to tell someone about your faith Prayer precedes these opportunities, so begin by praying that God will bring you into contact with someone who needs to hear about Jesus. Ask God to let you know who is the right person and when is the right time. When the opportunity arises, express what has happened to you and let that word go forth simply and honestly.